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We Discover. We Design. We Deploy

We are experts in creating, designing, and executing diverse events, tours, press events, sponsorship activations, grassroots marketing, and multicultural and collaborative experiences with strategically targeted 360° elements. We specialize in experiential Marketing - a powerful marketing approach that creates unique, immersive brand experiences that engage and inspire your audience. It's all about creating an emotional connection between your brand and your audience. We leverage the latest technology and trends to create experiences that are interactive, memorable, and effective. 


Our services range from but are not limited to:

  • Program and Project Management

  • Product and Place Launches

  • Virtual Event Production and Development

  • Retail Program Design & Execution

  • Customized Membership Experience Design & Execution

  • College Programming Design & Execution

  • Digital Experience Design & Execution

  • Property Creation and Revisioning

  • Pop Up Stores

  • Brand Activations

  • Sampling

  • Live Event Design & Production

  • Influencer Targeting & Recruitment

  • Mobile Touring

  • Social Media Programming Design & Integration

  • Talent Procurement


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