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Committed To The People 

We Discover. We Design. We Deploy

The Be! Agency is committed to giving back and to supporting diverse solution centered initiatives. We have 

BE! @ Community Initiatives is a collaborative born from The Center for Community Development Initiatives and The BE! @ Program. Our mission is cultivating and executing initiatives, collaborative partnerships, and community connections that help to strengthen the lives of families, communities, and individuals while also cultivating lifelong empowerment, skills, wellness, and self-development in the lives of youth, adults, and seniors.​ 


We seek to provide resources, tools, and skills based training needed to help everyone to feel and become empowered while also developing their skills as diverse change agents, movemakers, leaders, and innovators of today and in the future. We center our programs and initiatives predominantly where the needs of women, people of color, veterans, disabled, and LGBTQ+ people exist. 

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